Scenario#46 – 9951 SIP phones drop call after 18 seconds

Recently I came across an issue with a new customer deployment where the 9951 SIP phones would drop call after 18s. All other SCCP phones were working fine but only these SIP phones would drop the call.   Call flow: 9951 -> SIP -> CUCM -> SIP -> CUBE Bind commands were in place andContinue reading “Scenario#46 – 9951 SIP phones drop call after 18 seconds”

Scenario#45: 7841 SIP phone in Registration loop

I was working on this customer issue last week where they added a new 7841 phone but it was not registering properly or should I say it was registering briefly before unregistering. Call Manager was which does not support 78XX phones so customer actually applied the device pack cmterm-devicepack9.1.2.12039-1.cop  so that they can addContinue reading “Scenario#45: 7841 SIP phone in Registration loop”

Scenario#44 – CME Call Forward to Internal Extension not Working

I came across an interesting issue for a Swiss customer where they were having problem with Call-forward to an internal extension on their CME systems. Call-forward to an internal extension seems quite straight-forward so I checked how telephony-service is configured and found both call-forward patterns as well as transfer-pattern were configured as .T .. soContinue reading “Scenario#44 – CME Call Forward to Internal Extension not Working”

Scenario#43 – CUCM 9.1(2) RL/RG Reject Issue

Few weeks back I came across a issue for a customer who are on CUCM 9.12() cluster. The issue was outbound calls not reaching either of the MGCP gateways from a Translation pattern even though both gateways were registered fine with Call manager. I checked the E1s and MGCP status and all was OK. TheContinue reading “Scenario#43 – CUCM 9.1(2) RL/RG Reject Issue”

Scenario#42 – CUC not working after adding Secondary Server

I came across an interesting scenario few days back where customer added a CUC Secondary server back to the Cluster but it was not working as it should. Customer had two CUC servers in the cluster in a load-balanced configuration with half of the ports on unity-02(sub) and other half on unity-01(Pub). For some hardwareContinue reading “Scenario#42 – CUC not working after adding Secondary Server”

Scenario#41 – No Ringback tone from H323 Gateway going to SIP trunk

One of our customer reported an issue with ring back tone when calling their Contact center. I made a test call and observed that as a caller when you call their main Contact center number all you hear is dead silence and then when agent picks up the phone you could hear them talk. ThereContinue reading “Scenario#41 – No Ringback tone from H323 Gateway going to SIP trunk”

Scenario#41 – Mailbox in use

A customer reported an issue regarding a user where if she tried to listen to her voicemail messages she would get “Mailbox is in use”. This issue normally happens if any TUI session or VoiceView sessions are open in any other phones having access to that GDM or the ports have become stuck or busy.Continue reading “Scenario#41 – Mailbox in use”

Scenario#41 – UCCX CAD Agent Issue in Call routing

Customer reported a problem about their UCCX version for CAD Agents. This is what they say about the problem: We have a UCCX Agent with a 9951 Cisco Phone with 2 Lines. First line is the private Line Second Line is the agent Line. Agent is logged into CAD with his agent extension. ContactContinue reading “Scenario#41 – UCCX CAD Agent Issue in Call routing”

Scenario#40 – Access Personal Directory/FastDial without PIN

You may have come across this that though you are logged into your profile through Extension mobility but when you try to access your “Personal Directory” you will be prompted for a userid and pin. Unfortunately, this is by design and cannot be changed. There is a workaround to escape entering userid and pin whichContinue reading “Scenario#40 – Access Personal Directory/FastDial without PIN”

Scenario#39 – CIMC of Cisco UCS C210-M2 showing false alarm

I was looking into a case for one of very high profile customer where their CIMC (Cisco Integrated Management Controller) was showing PS Redundancy status as ‘lost’. However, both PSU were up and Normal. Have a look at the screenshot below: By searching through Bug Tool kit I found two bugs for this particular issueContinue reading “Scenario#39 – CIMC of Cisco UCS C210-M2 showing false alarm”