Scenario#49 – UCCX: Call gets System Error message on IVR

I was looking at an issue a few days back where a customer complained that when they are selecting a particular IVR option the call gets connected to Music on Hold and then before it gets transferred to an Agent the caller hears “Sorry we are experiencing system problems……” the famous CCX default message whenContinue reading “Scenario#49 – UCCX: Call gets System Error message on IVR”

UCCX: Converting Audio Prompt

You have been asked by your customer to update a menu prompt or insert a Holiday message to the script and they provided you with an audio WAV file or an MP3 file recorded either using Windows Recording application or any other application for that matter. Most often than not the file provided you willContinue reading “UCCX: Converting Audio Prompt”

Scenario#41 – UCCX CAD Agent Issue in Call routing

Customer reported a problem about their UCCX version for CAD Agents. This is what they say about the problem: We have a UCCX Agent with a 9951 Cisco Phone with 2 Lines. First line is the private Line Second Line is the agent Line. Agent is logged into CAD with his agent extension. ContactContinue reading “Scenario#41 – UCCX CAD Agent Issue in Call routing”