Scenario#41 – UCCX CAD Agent Issue in Call routing

Customer reported a problem about their UCCX version for CAD Agents.

This is what they say about the problem:

We have a UCCX Agent with a 9951 Cisco Phone with 2 Lines.
First line is the private Line
Second Line is the agent Line.
Agent is logged into CAD with his agent extension.

Contact Center gets a customer call for the agent and the agent accepts the call on Agent Line.
Then the agent wants to ask a colleague or wants to transfer the call and presses the call transfer key (on CAD)
The transferred Call is answered by the colleague and they start talking.
The customer hears Music on hold.
So far everything is normal.

Now a new call comes in on the private Line and hits the CFNA to voicemail, or the caller hangs up.

The issue is that at that point with no interaction of the agent or his colleague the transferred Call from the agent to the colleague gets disconnected.

After the issue occurs the call from the private line is on the voicemail.
And the first call (Contact center) still hears music on hold.

This is the fact on all of our phones when an agent is logged in with CAD.

= = =

Later we found there was a bug CSCts44173 hitting this UCCX Version so we asked customer to upgrade to a fixed Version. Customer upgraded the UCCX to but the issue was there for external calls. Calling internally fixed the issue.

After going through the logs we found that the person who was testing had a “Remote destination” setup for his mobile number and this is why they were facing the issue.

So, when customer is facing this very issue make sure they are not using “remote destination” setup.


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