Scenario#51 – Unity Toll Fraud

The other day one of our key customer logged a priority incident with regards to a Toll Fraud. Their Carrier alerted them for possible malicious calls originating from their main ISDN number going to The Bahamas. At First I thought this has something to do with their Expressways so I checked Call logs and EventsContinue reading “Scenario#51 – Unity Toll Fraud”

Unity Connection & Aging Policy

We all know that Unity connection use Quotas and Aging Policy to control the size of mailboxes and keep a check on “those” users who don’t want to delete their voicemails or maybe don’t care. More often than not I have come across issues where a client requested to reduce the size of a user’sContinue reading “Unity Connection & Aging Policy”

Scenario#42 – CUC not working after adding Secondary Server

I came across an interesting scenario few days back where customer added a CUC Secondary server back to the Cluster but it was not working as it should. Customer had two CUC servers in the cluster in a load-balanced configuration with half of the ports on unity-02(sub) and other half on unity-01(Pub). For some hardwareContinue reading “Scenario#42 – CUC not working after adding Secondary Server”

Message Button not working

Voicemail has been configured properly at Unity connection but when you press the ‘message’ button on the IP phone it just do nothing. If you come across an issue like this then make sure you have Voicemail service configured under Device > Device Settings > Phone Services. If it’s not there then you will haveContinue reading “Message Button not working”

Upgrade Process

This is just notes to myself as after downloading the upgrade files for CUCM or Unity or anything else…we all need to follow the same process of combining them and then verifiying the hash value. Download FCIV. Download the files as required: UCS_Install_UCOS_7.1.3.32900-4.sgn.iso_part1of2 UCS_Install_UCOS_7.1.3.32900-4.sgn.iso_part2of2 Run the following command to combine these files into one .iso fileContinue reading “Upgrade Process”

Scenario#17 – Changing Unity Password

You may come across a situation where you need to reset the password Unity Admin. You can do it through command prompt: Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.3790] (C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cd … C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>g: G:\>cd Cisco Unity Connection\TechTools G:\Cisco Unity Connection\TechTools>pwreset.bat uksupport p36lmn G:\Cisco Unity Connection\TechTools\pwreset.js(17, 5) Microsoft OLE DB ProviderContinue reading “Scenario#17 – Changing Unity Password”

Scenario#16 – Unity Connection MWI ON/OFF Problem – 7.0(1)

Customer reported an issue with their MWI. They were using Unity connection 7.0(1). When a new message was left, the MWI light will not come up so there was no way to tell if a new message has arrived. User were logging into their mailboxes to check if there are new messages. Also, if thereContinue reading “Scenario#16 – Unity Connection MWI ON/OFF Problem – 7.0(1)”

Scenario#13 – Voicemail not working CME-CUE

The Voicemail for the users was not working. If an external call reaches to their voiceail, they will get a message saying ‘ there is no voicemail box attached to this extension’ I checked the CME configuration for dialpeers etc which looks fine and the Caller getting that message actually means they can get toContinue reading “Scenario#13 – Voicemail not working CME-CUE”