AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Entry Point Not Found

After upgrading my itune to 10.x, everytime I start my PC I was getting the following Windows alert: AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Entry Point Not Found ” The procedure entry point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could not be located in the dynamic link library SQLite3.dll” This is what I did to resolve the issue: COPY the file SQLite3.dll from theContinue reading “AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Entry Point Not Found”

iPhone 4 iOS 5 Upgrade: Error 1611, 1603, 1604 – Unable to RESTORE

iOS5 upgrade and issues –  I thought to share my experience here for the benefit of other iPhone users. After the iOS5 was launched yesterday I was a bit reluctant to do the upgrade as I had issues in past with my iphone 3G during iOS upgrades. Over the weekend it just struck my mindContinue reading “iPhone 4 iOS 5 Upgrade: Error 1611, 1603, 1604 – Unable to RESTORE”

iPhone 4 Battery Drain – Some Tips

OK, this is different of what I use to write but I think it would be helpful for all iphone 4 users. I had my iphone 4 few days back and I was quite impressed by this new smartphone until I realized the phone is draining my battery like a Ferrari sucks up fuel. AllContinue reading “iPhone 4 Battery Drain – Some Tips”

Codec Bandwidth Calculation G711/G729

RTP: Voice payloads are encapsulated by RTP, then by UDP, then by IP. A Layer 2 header of the correct format is applied; the type obviously depends on the link technology in use by each router interface. A single voice call generates two one-way RTP/UDP/IP packet streams. UDP provides multiplexing and checksum capability; RTP providesContinue reading “Codec Bandwidth Calculation G711/G729”

Upgrade Process

This is just notes to myself as after downloading the upgrade files for CUCM or Unity or anything else…we all need to follow the same process of combining them and then verifiying the hash value. Download FCIV. Download the files as required: UCS_Install_UCOS_7.1.3.32900-4.sgn.iso_part1of2 UCS_Install_UCOS_7.1.3.32900-4.sgn.iso_part2of2 Run the following command to combine these files into one .iso fileContinue reading “Upgrade Process”

CCIE Voice Lab Strategy

CCIE Lab is one of the toughest IT exam out there and I believe CCIE Voice is “the” toughest (I am not making this up, this has been acknowledged by Quad/Triple CCIEs) as it involves so many applications which can break and go wrong so easily if you are not good in configuring them. MakingContinue reading “CCIE Voice Lab Strategy”