I am back!!

Yes you read it right.. I am back after almost 2 years and will be writing exciting new stuff very soon! I do apologize for this long break as I had some work and family committments but have now decided to start giving some time to this blog and bring it back to life. I know most of you have got in touch with me asking as to why I am not writing anymore and how they use to enjoy reading my stuff so that has kind of motivated me to come back! Thank you.

Some of you old subscribers will notice a new look and a different structure to this website. I am also giving this blog a new name…VOBTIGO…sounds interesting? thought about many but this one just got stuck to my mind and was available as well (domain registration etc.)..So in near future you may see voiceonbits.com retiring to Vobtigo.com but I cannot confirm timeline as to when this will happen as I am still discussing this mapping of domain with relevant providers. For the time being stick to voiceonbits.com until vobtigo.com is up and mapped (I will keep you guys posted).

Finally,  I would be happy to get feedback from you guys if you want me to write on a specific topic. Due to time constratints and my full time job I cannot promise that I will write on every topic requested so I will have to prioritise those requested by more people but I will come to other ones as well.




3 thoughts on “I am back!!

  1. Welcome back! Love your blog, very helpful!

    Feedback wise I would request some of the technologies becoming popular and deployed more widely: Expressway, Emergency Responder, Prime for upgrading CUCM/CUC/CUPS systems, etc….

    Happy to see you will be writing again!

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