iPhone 4 Battery Drain – Some Tips

OK, this is different of what I use to write but I think it would be helpful for all iphone 4 users.

I had my iphone 4 few days back and I was quite impressed by this new smartphone until I realized the phone is draining my battery like a Ferrari sucks up fuel. All that iphone 4 claims of long life battery etc seems rubbish to me. I went through several forums and did some tests to come up with some guidance notes to avoid battery drain for iPhone 4. This can also be used for other iphone generations.

  • Don’t over charge your battery, drain it to 10% and below and then charge it completely to 100% and take the Power cable off. Don’t leave it charging overnight as that damages the Battery cell. Go into General > Usage > Battery Percentage > ON. This will show you battery life in %.
  • Go to Safari browser and close all webapges. Don’t leave pages running in background after you use Safari.
  • if you find your iPhone is getting hot and battery is draining fast then Reboot your iphone but shuting it down and bringing it back up. This way it will kill any process using up iphone resources.
  • Go to Settings > Wifi > Turn it off if not using it. Also under wi-fi turn off “Ask to join Networks” if you already have added your wifi network
  • Under Notifications > Turn it off. I found that my fring Software was taking a lot of battery resources as that was set as Notifications turned on by default. I still have my facebook notifications ON but keep it off if you don’t need notifications.
  • Under Settings > Sounds >Ring > Vibrate off. I have also turned off New mail, Sent mail, Calendar Alerts, Lock Sounds.
  • Under Settings > Brightness > Turn Auto Brightness ON
  • From Settings > General > Network > Enable 3G > off
  • From Settings > General > Network > Turn off Internet Tethering if don’t use it
  • Settings > General > Spotlight Search > Uncheck all – This is a major battery drainer
  • Turn off Push from Settings > Mail Contacts and set it to Fetch > manual
  • Settings > Messages > MMS messages > off – if you don’t use MMS often
  • If this all doesn’t resolve the issue then you need to restore your iphone as a new phone and not as backup. Hook it into itunes and restore it as new phone

Note: I can now confirm that after following the above tips my battery ran for 56 hours+ with a usage of 7hours+ which include playing games like iBasket, FruitNinja and paper Toss as well as facebook browsing. Also, I did some facetime Video calls as well. Just to add that my iphone 4 has not been created as new phone but has been created from my iphone 3G backup.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Battery Drain – Some Tips

  1. thankyou for outlining the steps so clearly. I have owned an iphone 4 for one week (after upgradnig? yet to be decided….)when the batery began to fail after 8 hours!! I’ve just rebooted , synced and turned off all you’ve suggested and hope that it gives me more battery life. thankyou for the hope that it will be resolved without having to send it back to the manufacturer and enduring weeks of inconvenience. tomorrow dawns on the new battery life.

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