Scenario#41 – No Ringback tone from H323 Gateway going to SIP trunk

One of our customer reported an issue with ring back tone when calling their Contact center. I made a test call and observed that as a caller when you call their main Contact center number all you hear is dead silence and then when agent picks up the phone you could hear them talk. ThereContinue reading “Scenario#41 – No Ringback tone from H323 Gateway going to SIP trunk”

Hair-pinning Or redirecting a call from Gateway

There are times when you would like to forward a call coming into your gateway out to PSTN before it goes to Call manager. Reason could be WAN outage to Call managers or Call manager down situation. This is how you can route out an incoming call out of the gateway. Let suppose the mainlineContinue reading “Hair-pinning Or redirecting a call from Gateway”

Gatekeeper Basics

Gatekeepers act like central nervous system in an H.323 network. They provide network access, bandwidth management, address translation,accounting, and dial plans. Gatekeepers allow the simple configurations of the majority of devices on your network, while requiring only a few devices to hold the majority of configurations. This architecture keeps call routing, security, and administration centralizedContinue reading “Gatekeeper Basics”