Scanario#21 – VG224 Fax Issues

Customer reported a fault that several fax machines which were working fine last week have suddenly stopped working. All they were getting for incoming faxes was just the header. No content of the actual fax. Rule of thumb – anything which was working before and not working now means something must have changed. I jumpedContinue reading “Scanario#21 – VG224 Fax Issues”

Scenario#20 – CCM Web Page Error – TFTP Management

I was uploading a firmware file for 7915-24 module across a clsuter of six CUCM servers when I came across this issue. I uploaded the file on three of them quite fine but the rest of the three servers were throwing a web page error when I was trying to access SFTP from FTP management.Continue reading “Scenario#20 – CCM Web Page Error – TFTP Management”

Scenario#19 – CME Phone not Ringing

This was a very interesting scenario I came across for this customer where these two phones were not ringing at all. Any incoming call and they would just flash. No Ringtone. I confirmed that the phones were working fine few days back but then suddenly started just flashing. One other phone in the same groupContinue reading “Scenario#19 – CME Phone not Ringing”

Scenario#18 – Cisco 7936 will not register

I was looking into this issue for a customer where a Conference phone, Cisco 7936, was not registering to Call manager. When I looked the MAC address of it in Call manager, it was in the status of ‘unregistered’ and there was an IP address assigned to it as well. This suggests that it somehowContinue reading “Scenario#18 – Cisco 7936 will not register”

Scenario#17 – Changing Unity Password

You may come across a situation where you need to reset the password Unity Admin. You can do it through command prompt: Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.3790] (C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cd … C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>g: G:\>cd Cisco Unity Connection\TechTools G:\Cisco Unity Connection\TechTools>pwreset.bat uksupport p36lmn G:\Cisco Unity Connection\TechTools\pwreset.js(17, 5) Microsoft OLE DB ProviderContinue reading “Scenario#17 – Changing Unity Password”

Scenario#16 – Unity Connection MWI ON/OFF Problem – 7.0(1)

Customer reported an issue with their MWI. They were using Unity connection 7.0(1). When a new message was left, the MWI light will not come up so there was no way to tell if a new message has arrived. User were logging into their mailboxes to check if there are new messages. Also, if thereContinue reading “Scenario#16 – Unity Connection MWI ON/OFF Problem – 7.0(1)”

Scenario#15 – RTMT won’t un-install/install – Same version already installed

I have a virtual machine where I have several RTMT versions installed. I use it whatever suits customer version. Today came across an interesting situatuation when my Unity RTMT didn’t work.  I decided to download the plugin and install it fresh.  All went fine until I ran the installation. I was getting this error: RTMTContinue reading “Scenario#15 – RTMT won’t un-install/install – Same version already installed”

Scenario#14 – Transfer to Mobile number fails (CUCM)

This was an interesting issue one of my colleague at work came across. Customer called and said they cannot transfer calls to mobile number. He can make calls to mobile number fine but when he was transferring an external (PSTN) call to mobile number, the call drops immediately. Transfer to any local or national numberContinue reading “Scenario#14 – Transfer to Mobile number fails (CUCM)”

Scenario#13 – Voicemail not working CME-CUE

The Voicemail for the users was not working. If an external call reaches to their voiceail, they will get a message saying ‘ there is no voicemail box attached to this extension’ I checked the CME configuration for dialpeers etc which looks fine and the Caller getting that message actually means they can get toContinue reading “Scenario#13 – Voicemail not working CME-CUE”

Scenario#12 – Cannot Transfer calls CME

Customer reported an issue that they cannot transfer calls. Any external inbound call cannot be transferred to Internal numbers and any Internal call cannot be transferred to Internal extensions or any number outside. My first check was to make sure what they have got under telephony-service..a snapshot of it as follows: telephony-service no auto-reg-ephone authenticationContinue reading “Scenario#12 – Cannot Transfer calls CME”