Scenario#11 – Getting ‘unknown number’ when making outbound calls

I came across this issue last week. When making outbound calls, Instead of their DDI, the called party was getting ‘unknown number’. The system was on CME 7.0. I jumped on the gateway and started dissecting the bits and pieces. It was quite a long running config so I just took out what was important.Continue reading “Scenario#11 – Getting ‘unknown number’ when making outbound calls”

Scenario#10 – Phones showing Incorrect time

I don’t remember how many times I came across customers complaining that their phones are either x minutes ahead or x minutes behind the normal time. This is what I do whenever I come across time issues. This is for applicance based Call manager (5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x) Go to OS Admin > Settings >Continue reading “Scenario#10 – Phones showing Incorrect time”

Scenario#9 – 3x 7975 Phones not showing Correct time

First step was to check if the Call manager is all synched and showing current time. Call manager was sysnched with an external NTP source (a gateway) and was looking good. Customer told me there were some Phone load issues. I found that the 7975 display debug shows it’s looking for a 4S load butContinue reading “Scenario#9 – 3x 7975 Phones not showing Correct time”

Scanario#8 – New MOH file not working

MOH file uploaded on Pub under MOH Audio source with number # 5. Customer came back saying that he cannot hear the new announcement as per the new file. I tried to select the file under UDP, Phone and even at Service parameter but nothing worked. I could see the file fine at the Publisher.Continue reading “Scanario#8 – New MOH file not working”

Scenario#7 – CUCM User page doesn’t display

One of our customer reported an issue with their CUCM user page. The issue was that some users if clicked through CUCM GUI > User Management > User 1 displays a blank page. Their directory was synched with almost three LDAP servers. Initially I thought its an LDAP issue and re-synched the LDAP directories withContinue reading “Scenario#7 – CUCM User page doesn’t display”

Scenario# 6 – Unity Connection mailbox full message – Negative Size

Ran into an interesting situation with one customer where they were using two Unity connection boxes for load balancing purposes. Seven ports were assigned to Pub CUC and some eight ports were assigned to Sub CUC. Customer reported an issue that quite a few users are having an issue where when they press message buttonContinue reading “Scenario# 6 – Unity Connection mailbox full message – Negative Size”

Scenario#5 – Not getting ANI on Forwarded Calls

This was an interesting scenario where this customer called and said that when calls are getting forwarded from their IP Phones to their mobile phones, they are not getting the Original Calling party number and instead getting their office main line number. This was happening for two different sites for this customer. External Calling PartyContinue reading “Scenario#5 – Not getting ANI on Forwarded Calls”

Scenario#4 – CFWdall For 2nd Line CUCM

Came across a customer scenario where they wanted to have their 2nd line on the phone setup as CFwdall to some external number. Customer complained that when he is trying to do that for 2nd extension line, the Softkey for CFwdall is getting greyed-out. This is not possible in Call manager System. You can onlyContinue reading “Scenario#4 – CFWdall For 2nd Line CUCM”

Scenario#3 – Change of Administrator Username Password

You will come across this situation where the customer forgot the CUCM GUI Admin username or password or both. In that case you can still login to CUCM GUI by adding another user from CUCM CLI. SSH to CUCM – the Administrator ID can not be changed once you have set it during Installation. ThisContinue reading “Scenario#3 – Change of Administrator Username Password”

Scenario#2 – Extension Mobility won’t work CUCM 6.1.1

I have come across so many customers who have the same issue – Extension mobility won’t work when you try to login. It will log you in but then quickly logs out the users. The only workaround is as follows: Restart the TFTP service on all servers Restart the Extension mobility service on Publisher RestartContinue reading “Scenario#2 – Extension Mobility won’t work CUCM 6.1.1”