Scenario#34 – Cannot make International Calls from US gateway

One of our customer has multiple sites across the globe including sites in UK and US. Their initial design was to send all UK calls from US over a SIP trunk to break out from a UK gateway for LCR (least cost routing). For some reason they stopped using that trunk and configured local dialContinue reading “Scenario#34 – Cannot make International Calls from US gateway”

Scenario#11 – Getting ‘unknown number’ when making outbound calls

I came across this issue last week. When making outbound calls, Instead of their DDI, the called party was getting ‘unknown number’. The system was on CME 7.0. I jumped on the gateway and started dissecting the bits and pieces. It was quite a long running config so I just took out what was important.Continue reading “Scenario#11 – Getting ‘unknown number’ when making outbound calls”