Scenario#7 – CUCM User page doesn’t display

One of our customer reported an issue with their CUCM user page. The issue was that some users if clicked through CUCM GUI > User Management > User 1 displays a blank page.

Their directory was synched with almost three LDAP servers. Initially I thought its an LDAP issue and re-synched the LDAP directories with CUCM but the issue remained. The annoying bit was that it was happening with just few users. Rest of the users were fine. I did a dig up into the issue and found another Cisco bug. This time it was not just one bug but multiple bugs.

  • CSCso43615
  • CSCso58752

CSCso43615 Bug details:

Select “Edit Cisco Unity User” from from the Related Links menu on the End User page or Directory Number page returns “The page cannot be displayed”. Sometimes the when you go to End User Page, search for a user and try to edit the user, you will get a blank page.


Change the hostname to the IP address in the URL

If you are getting a blank page, please go to System -> Application -> and hit find. Choose the UC and change the hostname from < HOSTNAME> to < HOSTNAME>.localdomain. This should fix the issue. This may or may not be traffic affecting.

The workaround solves the issue to only those end users who are linked to the application server with “.localdomain” in its name. If while creating Cisco Unity User for an end user, an application server that does not have “.localdomain” is used, then the issue still exists. Unfortunately, there can only be one Application Server in the system with “.localdomain”. The only way to fix the issue completely is to upgrade.

This issue is completely resolved starting in versions

CSCso58752 Bug details:

End user configuration page is blank.

CUCM and Unity Connection


Further Problem Description:
Full fix also requires fix for CSCso43615

1st Found-In  


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