Uploading MOH file CUCM 4.x

Upload the music file

1:    First have your music file recorded as an 8 Khz, 8 bit, mono ulaw encoded WAV file.

2:    The next step is to get your music file on to the Call Manager server.

Copy your music file in to this folder on your call manager server ‘c:\Program Files\Cisco\MOH\DropMOHAudioSourceFilesHere’.

When you place your music file in that folder it will disappear after a short while.
The Call Manager scans this directory for files and when it finds on it will convert the audio and store it in the Call Manager database.
So don’t be concerned when you look and there is nothing in that folder!

Create a music audio source in Call Manager

3:    Log in to the Call Manager administrator web page.

4:    From the ‘Service’ menu choose ‘Media Resource’, ‘music on hold audio source’.

5:    Click on ‘add new source’, this is on the top left as a link.

6:    Choose a stream number (the next one free is 3).

7:    Select your music file in the MOH Audio Source File drop down list.

8:    Place a name for the music source in the ‘MOH Audio Source Name’.

9:    check the ‘Play continuously (repeat)’ box. DO NOT check ‘allow multicasting’.

10:    Click on the ‘Insert’ button near the top of the page

11:    Click ‘Reset MOH Servers’ button at the bottom of the page.
Don’t worry this will not interrupt any services that your users are using.

Assign the music source to the phones in the Common Profile settings

12:    From the ‘Device’ menu choose ‘Device Settings’, ‘Common Profile’.

13:    Click on the ‘Find’ button.

14:    Click on ‘CMP_BRA_BRADFORD’.

15:    You will find 2 drop down lists, ‘Network MOH Source’ and ‘User MOH Source’.
Choose the music you want played from each drop down list.

16:    Click on ‘Update’.

17:    This next step should be done outside of normal hours as it will drop any active calls and reset all of your phones.
Click on ‘Reset Devices’, a warning message will appear giving you the option of proceeding or cancelling.

Proceed only when you are sure it will not disrupt service, in order for the phones to accept their new setting they will all need to reboot.


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