Scanario#8 – New MOH file not working

MOH file uploaded on Pub under MOH Audio source with number # 5.

Customer came back saying that he cannot hear the new announcement as per the new file. I tried to select the file under UDP, Phone and even at Service parameter but nothing worked. I could see the file fine at the Publisher. I then ran some RTMT stats and found that Phone is requesting for MOH file but it cannot find it. Why it cannot find it? the file is there at Publisher. I decided to check the Subscibers to see if the file is there as well. The reason I didn’t check that before was I thought it would be replicated. When I checked the Subscibers there was no MOH file, the one I uploaded at Publisher. I had to load MOH file on each server to make it work.

Take home point – If you upload a MOH file then upload it on all MOH servers otherwise it won’t work.


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