Scenario#5 – Not getting ANI on Forwarded Calls

This was an interesting scenario where this customer called and said that when calls are getting forwarded from their IP Phones to their mobile phones, they are not getting the Original Calling party number and instead getting their office main line number. This was happening for two different sites for this customer.

External Calling Party (1189765676) ===> PSTN === > Gateway ===> CUCM === >IP phone (3456) || CFWdall 9078XXXXXXXX || ==> Dials out === > Reach Mobile Phone === > CLI getting as 9784567000 (Company main line number) instead of 1189765676.

This is a normal Call manager behavior. As the call is getting forwarded from the IP phone, the call manager takes the ANI from its system and sends the call over the PSTN as a new call.


The only way we can have the calling party number displayed on a forwarded call is to use Cisco Mobile Connect which is also called SNR (Single number reach). I will discuss this feature later in this blog.


2 thoughts on “Scenario#5 – Not getting ANI on Forwarded Calls

  1. Would you be able to complete this post? I’d love to see an example of setting up the SNR component to replace the ANI on outbound forwarded calls. I’m a relatively new voice engineer and your site is wonderful, I really appreciate you taking the time to document all of these examples. I’m sure countless people use the site daily.

    Thank you again,

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