Scenario#15 – RTMT won’t un-install/install – Same version already installed

I have a virtual machine where I have several RTMT versions installed. I use it whatever suits customer version.

Today came across an interesting situatuation when my Unity RTMT didn’t work.  I decided to download the plugin and install it fresh.  All went fine until I ran the installation. I was getting this error:

RTMT version already installed and you cannot have same version blah blah..

I went into the Add/remove program and uninstalled the RTMT. All good.

I then went to Programs > Cisco > CallManager Serviceability > Unsinstall RTMT 8.1

Got an error > Cannot locate the uninstall file.

I was kind of stuck,  I had to run the RTMT and my RTMT was not working. I statred looking for it on the internet but no joy.

After spending some time on the Internet I found the solution posted by a TAC.  This fixed the issue.

I thought it’s worth Sharing.

Go to C:/Program Files/ Zero G Registry open the file “.com.zerog.registry.xml” in a text editor. It’s a hidden folder so make sure you view hidden files/folders as well.

Open the file ‘.com.zerog.registry.xml’  in a wordpad and remove the entries correspondonding to RTMT 8.1. Make sure you remove within the XML tags.

I had this output from that file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <registry install_date="2010-06-28 10:49:42" version="1.1" last_modified="2010-07-23 

- <products>
- <product name="Real-Time Monitoring Tool 8.1" id="764ff1c4-1ee5-11b2-a2b1-9ff21e0a5268" 

version="" copyright="2008" info_url="" support_url="" location="C:\Unity 

Connection" last_modified="2010-06-28 10:49:42">
 <vendor name="" id="764ff1c3-1ee5-11b2-a2b1-9ff21e0a5268" home_page="" email="" />
- <feature name="Application" last_modified="2010-06-28 10:49:42">
- <![CDATA[ This installs the application feature.
 <component ref_id="764ff221-1ee5-11b2-a2cc-9ff21e0a5268" version="" 

location="C:\Unity Connection\Uninstall_Real-Time Monitoring Tool 8.1\Uninstall Real-Time 

Monitoring Tool 8.1.exe" />
 <component ref_id="09316d9f-1eef-11b2-96a7-8c96050bbc8d" version="" 

location="C:\Unity Connection\JRtmt.exe" />
 <component ref_id="764ff222-1ee5-11b2-a2ce-9ff21e0a5268" version="" 

location="C:\Unity Connection\jre" />
- <components>
 <component id="09316d9f-1eef-11b2-96a7-8c96050bbc8d" version="" name="Rtmt Common" 

location="C:\Unity Connection\JRtmt.exe" />
 <component id="764ff222-1ee5-11b2-a2ce-9ff21e0a5268" version="" 

name="InstallAnywhere VM Component" location="C:\Unity Connection\jre" />
 <component id="764ff221-1ee5-11b2-a2cc-9ff21e0a5268" version="" 

name="InstallAnywhere Uninstall Component" location="C:\Unity Connection\Uninstall_Real-

Time Monitoring Tool 8.1\Uninstall Real-Time Monitoring Tool 8.1.exe" />

This is what I did:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<registry install_date="2010-06-28 10:49:42" version="1.1" last_modified="2010-07-23 11:54:19">



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