UCCX: Converting Audio Prompt

You have been asked by your customer to update a menu prompt or insert a Holiday message to the script and they provided you with an audio WAV file or an MP3 file recorded either using Windows Recording application or any other application for that matter. Most often than not the file provided you willContinue reading “UCCX: Converting Audio Prompt”

Unity Connection & Aging Policy

We all know that Unity connection use Quotas and Aging Policy to control the size of mailboxes and keep a check on “those” users who don’t want to delete their voicemails or maybe don’t care. More often than not I have come across issues where a client requested to reduce the size of a user’sContinue reading “Unity Connection & Aging Policy”

Scenario#47 – Jabber users see ‘offline’ status after logging in

I came across an issue for a client where few of their users would login to Jabber (ver 10.5) and see their presence status as ‘offline’. They won’t be able to change it as well. Other Jabber users will also see them as ‘offline’ even though they are logged in and should be online. ThatContinue reading “Scenario#47 – Jabber users see ‘offline’ status after logging in”

To access Jabber-config.xml

If you want to check what has been configured on a Jabber-config.xml then you need to go to CLI of CUCM and execute this command to display its contents: admin:file view tftp jabber-config.xml <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <config version=”1.0″> <CUCM> <PhoneService_UseCredentialsFrom>presence</PhoneService_UseCredentialsFrom> </CUCM> <Directory> <BusinessPhone>ipPhone</BusinessPhone> <OtherPhone>telephoneNumber</OtherPhone> <BaseFilter>(&amp;(objectclass=user)(!(objectclass=Computer))(!(UserAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2)))</BaseFilter> </Directory> <Policies> <File_Transfer_Enabled>false</File_Transfer_Enabled> </Policies> </config> end of the file reachedContinue reading “To access Jabber-config.xml”

Selecting a Vendor to Replace Cisco Attendant Console

Since Cisco Unified Attendant Console has reached its end of life, clients are offered several alternatives from Cisco Solution Partners. This article will help you to make the rights choice. Directory and Basic Call Control Features If a Cisco IP phone is one of your main business tools you need the most convenient interface to:Continue reading “Selecting a Vendor to Replace Cisco Attendant Console”

Scenario#46 – 9951 SIP phones drop call after 18 seconds

Recently I came across an issue with a new customer deployment where the 9951 SIP phones would drop call after 18s. All other SCCP phones were working fine but only these SIP phones would drop the call.   Call flow: 9951 -> SIP -> CUCM -> SIP -> CUBE Bind commands were in place andContinue reading “Scenario#46 – 9951 SIP phones drop call after 18 seconds”

Scenario#45: 7841 SIP phone in Registration loop

I was working on this customer issue last week where they added a new 7841 phone but it was not registering properly or should I say it was registering briefly before unregistering. Call Manager was which does not support 78XX phones so customer actually applied the device pack cmterm-devicepack9.1.2.12039-1.cop  so that they can addContinue reading “Scenario#45: 7841 SIP phone in Registration loop”

Scenario#44 – CME Call Forward to Internal Extension not Working

I came across an interesting issue for a Swiss customer where they were having problem with Call-forward to an internal extension on their CME systems. Call-forward to an internal extension seems quite straight-forward so I checked how telephony-service is configured and found both call-forward patterns as well as transfer-pattern were configured as .T .. soContinue reading “Scenario#44 – CME Call Forward to Internal Extension not Working”