DSP, PVDM & Media Resources

The Cisco High-Density Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Module (PVDM2) enables Cisco Integrated Services Routers to provide high-density voice connectivity, conferencing, and transcoding capabilities in Cisco IP Communications solutions. PVDM stands for packet voice DSP module; it is the Cisco product name for the module that provides digital signal processing resources to a system.Continue reading “DSP, PVDM & Media Resources”

Restricting Access to Corporate & Personal Directory

How you can restrict access to corporate directory? If you remember, corporate directory is accessible globally from a cluster and restricting its access needs some configuration changes. In pre-CUCM 7.x you cannot accommodate it at individual level but in CUCM7.x you have flexibility. You can run a sql command to access corporate directory information fromContinue reading “Restricting Access to Corporate & Personal Directory”

License Re-homing

I came across this customer where we upgraded their CUCM from 6.x to 7.x and changed the mother board of the UCS Server (there were some issues with it). After the upgrade the Call manager had major Licensing issues as the MAC address got changed. All the units went into negative and there was anContinue reading “License Re-homing”

Scenario#20 – CCM Web Page Error – TFTP Management

I was uploading a firmware file for 7915-24 module across a clsuter of six CUCM servers when I came across this issue. I uploaded the file on three of them quite fine but the rest of the three servers were throwing a web page error when I was trying to access SFTP from FTP management.Continue reading “Scenario#20 – CCM Web Page Error – TFTP Management”

Transfer of Files from CUCM FTP

Transfer of files from CUCM to SFTP server: If we want to transfer files from CUCM FTP to local drive then we can do this from CUCM CLI. We may need to do this to analyze few files like Ringlist.xml or list.xml etc. Set up a SFTP server first. You can use any FTP/SFTP softwareContinue reading “Transfer of Files from CUCM FTP”

Scenario#15 – RTMT won’t un-install/install – Same version already installed

I have a virtual machine where I have several RTMT versions installed. I use it whatever suits customer version. Today came across an interesting situatuation when my Unity RTMT didn’t work.  I decided to download the plugin and install it fresh.  All went fine until I ran the installation. I was getting this error: RTMTContinue reading “Scenario#15 – RTMT won’t un-install/install – Same version already installed”

Scenario#14 – Transfer to Mobile number fails (CUCM)

This was an interesting issue one of my colleague at work came across. Customer called and said they cannot transfer calls to mobile number. He can make calls to mobile number fine but when he was transferring an external (PSTN) call to mobile number, the call drops immediately. Transfer to any local or national numberContinue reading “Scenario#14 – Transfer to Mobile number fails (CUCM)”

Scenario#10 – Phones showing Incorrect time

I don’t remember how many times I came across customers complaining that their phones are either x minutes ahead or x minutes behind the normal time. This is what I do whenever I come across time issues. This is for applicance based Call manager (5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x) Go to OS Admin > Settings >Continue reading “Scenario#10 – Phones showing Incorrect time”

How to resolve Replication Issues

So many times in real world you will come across ‘Database replication Issues’. Replication Issues are also very much possible during your CCIE lab so one must be prepare to deal with such Issues. How can you find if your cluster has proper replication? Here are few tools to find out replication Issues: RTMT: RTMTContinue reading “How to resolve Replication Issues”