Restricting Access to Corporate & Personal Directory

How you can restrict access to corporate directory? If you remember, corporate directory is accessible globally from a cluster and restricting its access needs some configuration changes. In pre-CUCM 7.x you cannot accommodate it at individual level but in CUCM7.x you have flexibility. You can run a sql command to access corporate directory information from ‘enduser’ table. admin:run sql select userid,firstname,lastname,telephonenumber from enduser userid firstname lastname telephonenumber ====== ========= ======== =============== hqph1            hqph1 hqph2            hqph2 br1ph1           br1ph1 br1ph2           br1ph2 JTAPI            JTAPI In Pre-CUCM 7.x build you can disable corporate directory by following these steps: Go to Enterprise parameters and go … Continue reading Restricting Access to Corporate & Personal Directory