Scenario#40 – Access Personal Directory/FastDial without PIN

You may have come across this that though you are logged into your profile through Extension mobility but when you try to access your “Personal Directory” you will be prompted for a userid and pin. Unfortunately, this is by design and cannot be changed. There is a workaround to escape entering userid and pin which I found after getting several requests from customers. If you are among one of those who is annoyed with this then following is the procedure to get rid of it. You will need Admin rights on Call manager to make these changes. Create a new … Continue reading Scenario#40 – Access Personal Directory/FastDial without PIN

Scenario#37 – Phone display “Error Pass Limit”

A customer reported an issue with their 7941 phone. The issue was they plugged in a new 7941 all configured at Call manager and it was showing “Error pass Limit” as follows: This sort of error normally comes when you have one of the following conditions: Too many unassigned directory numbers in Call manager i.e. not assigned to any phone or any extension mobility profile No Extension assigned to the phone The Busy Trigger and maximum calls on the line are not correct (normally you configure max calls: 4 and busy trigger: 2) For this particular issue I found no … Continue reading Scenario#37 – Phone display “Error Pass Limit”

Logging Missed Calls Shared line

With the missed call logging for shared lines feature, the administrator can configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, or the phone user can configure Cisco Unified CM User Options, so Cisco Unified Communications Manager logs missed calls in the call history to a specified shared line appearance on a phone. This will only work if users who are sharing the number are logged in using Extension mobility. You can configure it here under extension number by going into each phone: If the box is checked, missed calls will be logged and if it is not checked then missed calls won’t … Continue reading Logging Missed Calls Shared line

Scenario#26 – Abbreviated Dial not working Cisco 7912

I was looking into this customer issue where they upgraded from Call manager 4.x to 7.x and almost all users on 7912 phone lost their speed dials. I checked the phones and CCMUSER page and found that the dials where there but they are not able to access it. Created a new Softkey template including “AbbrDial” at “off Hook” mode. Reset the phones and asked them to check. Customer came back saying they cannot see “AbbrDial” Softkey. All settings in Call manager were fine but for some reason they were not able to see the Abbreviated Dial Softkey. I checked … Continue reading Scenario#26 – Abbreviated Dial not working Cisco 7912

Cisco 7931 Phone and Headset

The Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931 includes 24 buttons that can be assigned to lines and call features. A 3-color LED provides call status information for each line. The line buttons are numbered 24-1 from top to bottom. The numbers do not appear on the phone. There are two ways how the top four buttons can be programmed. enable configure terminal ephone template 15 button-layout set phone-type [1 | 2]** exit ephone 3 ephone-template 15 end ** Specifies which fixed set of feature buttons appears on a Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931G that uses a template in which this is … Continue reading Cisco 7931 Phone and Headset

Restricting Access to Corporate & Personal Directory

How you can restrict access to corporate directory? If you remember, corporate directory is accessible globally from a cluster and restricting its access needs some configuration changes. In pre-CUCM 7.x you cannot accommodate it at individual level but in CUCM7.x you have flexibility. You can run a sql command to access corporate directory information from ‘enduser’ table. admin:run sql select userid,firstname,lastname,telephonenumber from enduser userid firstname lastname telephonenumber ====== ========= ======== =============== hqph1            hqph1 hqph2            hqph2 br1ph1           br1ph1 br1ph2           br1ph2 JTAPI            JTAPI In Pre-CUCM 7.x build you can disable corporate directory by following these steps: Go to Enterprise parameters and go … Continue reading Restricting Access to Corporate & Personal Directory

Scenario#23 – Fax Issues for ATA

Fax machines connected to ATA were not working. The first thing I checked on the gateway…is fax-relay was being used or fax protocol cisco was configured? Fax-relay is NOT supported by ATA. This is what I found at the Voice gateway: voice service voip allow-connections h323 to sip allow-connections sip to h323 allow-connections sip to sip supplementary-service h450.12 fax protocol cisco I found the reason why faxes were not working. Fax protocol cisco was used which enabled default fax-relay. I configured the following: voice service voip fax protocol none {or could have configured modem passthrough nse codec g711ulaw} dial-peer voice … Continue reading Scenario#23 – Fax Issues for ATA