Scenario#12 – Cannot Transfer calls CME

Customer reported an issue that they cannot transfer calls. Any external inbound call cannot be transferred to Internal numbers and any Internal call cannot be transferred to Internal extensions or any number outside. My first check was to make sure what they have got under telephony-service..a snapshot of it as follows: telephony-service no auto-reg-ephone authenticationContinue reading “Scenario#12 – Cannot Transfer calls CME”

Scenario#11 – Getting ‘unknown number’ when making outbound calls

I came across this issue last week. When making outbound calls, Instead of their DDI, the called party was getting ‘unknown number’. The system was on CME 7.0. I jumped on the gateway and started dissecting the bits and pieces. It was quite a long running config so I just took out what was important.Continue reading “Scenario#11 – Getting ‘unknown number’ when making outbound calls”

Ephone Hunt Group

To enter ephone-hunt configuration mode for the purposes of creating and configuring a hunt group for use in a Cisco Unified CME system, use the ephone-hunt command in global configuration mode. To delete a hunt group, use the no form of this command. ephone-hunt hunt-tag {longest-idle | peer | sequential} hunt-tag – Unique sequence number that identifiesContinue reading “Ephone Hunt Group”

IP Phone Background Image CME

Follow the process to change background Image for phones connected to CME. Lets take 7961 IP phone as an example. First of all load List.xml and Background Image files on a TFTP server. I would recommend you do it on a Call manager if it’s accessible from CME router. Just go in OS Admin andContinue reading “IP Phone Background Image CME”

CME Basic Setup

Call Manager express runs on a router. Its feasible for Small Businesses which have under 200 users. Lets setup Cisco 7965 SCCP phones first. Step 1: Create a DHCP pool for IP phones: ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address ! ip dhcp pool CME network default-router    <<< VoiceContinue reading “CME Basic Setup”