License Re-homing

I came across this customer where we upgraded their CUCM from 6.x to 7.x and changed the mother board of the UCS Server (there were some issues with it). After the upgrade the Call manager had major Licensing issues as the MAC address got changed. All the units went into negative and there was anContinue reading “License Re-homing”

Scanario#21 – VG224 Fax Issues

Customer reported a fault that several fax machines which were working fine last week have suddenly stopped working. All they were getting for incoming faxes was just the header. No content of the actual fax. Rule of thumb – anything which was working before and not working now means something must have changed. I jumpedContinue reading “Scanario#21 – VG224 Fax Issues”

Cisco ATA 186/188, FXS & FAX

ATA 186 – 2 x voice ports + 1 x RJ-45 10BaseT port ATA 188 – 2x voice ports +  2 x RJ-45 10/100BaseT port The Cisco ATA supports two modes of fax services, in which fax signals are transmitted using the G.711 codec. It cannot support fax relay. ATA is accessed by web throughContinue reading “Cisco ATA 186/188, FXS & FAX”

Codec Bandwidth Calculation G711/G729

RTP: Voice payloads are encapsulated by RTP, then by UDP, then by IP. A Layer 2 header of the correct format is applied; the type obviously depends on the link technology in use by each router interface. A single voice call generates two one-way RTP/UDP/IP packet streams. UDP provides multiplexing and checksum capability; RTP providesContinue reading “Codec Bandwidth Calculation G711/G729”

CME – Max calls, Busy Trigger & HuntStop

The concept of max-calls per button and busy trigger is quite easy but has been made complex. max-calls-per-button is used for maximum calls (incoming and outgoing) which can go through that line. busy-trigger-per-button is used to busy out incoming calls after the parameter set has been reached. So if an ephone has busy-trigger-per-button set toContinue reading “CME – Max calls, Busy Trigger & HuntStop”

Gatekeeper Basics

Gatekeepers act like central nervous system in an H.323 network. They provide network access, bandwidth management, address translation,accounting, and dial plans. Gatekeepers allow the simple configurations of the majority of devices on your network, while requiring only a few devices to hold the majority of configurations. This architecture keeps call routing, security, and administration centralizedContinue reading “Gatekeeper Basics”

Message Button not working

Voicemail has been configured properly at Unity connection but when you press the ‘message’ button on the IP phone it just do nothing. If you come across an issue like this then make sure you have Voicemail service configured under Device > Device Settings > Phone Services. If it’s not there then you will haveContinue reading “Message Button not working”

Scenario#20 – CCM Web Page Error – TFTP Management

I was uploading a firmware file for 7915-24 module across a clsuter of six CUCM servers when I came across this issue. I uploaded the file on three of them quite fine but the rest of the three servers were throwing a web page error when I was trying to access SFTP from FTP management.Continue reading “Scenario#20 – CCM Web Page Error – TFTP Management”

CUE Voicemail notification through Email

Integrated messaging on Cisco Unity Express is the convergence feature for voicemail and e-mail systems. It allows subscribers to have an integrated view of their e-mails and voice-mail messages from a single e-mail client using IMAP Version 4 rev1. To make emails sent through for any new voicemail we can use IMAP or SMTP. IMAP:Continue reading “CUE Voicemail notification through Email”