CUE Voicemail notification through Email

Integrated messaging on Cisco Unity Express is the convergence feature for voicemail and e-mail systems. It allows subscribers to have an integrated view of their e-mails and voice-mail messages from a single e-mail client using IMAP Version 4 rev1.

To make emails sent through for any new voicemail we can use IMAP or SMTP.


IMAP is one way to send the voice mail, but you need to add it on each people’s outlook with an IMAP account.  CUE acts as the IMAP server.  By default, there should be an IMAP group that has integrated messing permissions.  Make sure your users are a member of that group.  After that, you simply need to have the clients add an IMAP account.  When they do that, the username and password are the same username and password on the CUE.  The IMAP server is (by default).  Outgoing server SMTP server and email address are only important if the user will forward the emails off to different people.  There are other complications there, like the username and password would need to be the same on both systems.

Login to the CLI of CUE and configure the following:

conf t
service imap

maxsessions n {Max sessions 1-50, default is 50}
session idletimout 55 {Minutes a session can be idle, 30-120, default is 30}

group cue-users privilege vm-imap
{assigning IMAP privilege to this group}

username sc1 group cue-users
username sc2 group cue-users

username sc50 group cue-users

{all users have been assigned IMAP privileges}

To check the configuration:

show imap config
show imap sess

CUE# show imap configuration

Status:                 enabled
Idle Timeout(minutes)   55
Max Sessions:           25
Security Mode:          ssl

The following example shows sample output from the show imap sessions command.

CUE# show imap sessions

Sessions     IP Address     Connect Time                   User ID
1   Wed Nov 16 07:35:02 CST 2005   cue-users
2   Wed Nov 16 08:23:15 CST 2005   imap-users
3    Wed Nov 16 10:11:40 CST 2005   imap-users


  • System > SMTP Settings – specify exchange server (Allow Exchange to accept unauthenticated email from the CUE and also configure Exchange to allow SMTP relay)External SMTP Server:
    External SMTP Server Port: 25
    Username: ash
    Password: xxxxx

  • System->Domain Name Settings> Set domain name like (this is very important)

  • Administration->Domain name settings->set your DNS server if you have one. Click Apply
  • Voice Mail -> Message Notification -> Notification Administration -> check enabled system-wide notification for ALL messages & attach voice messages to email notification message
  • Voice Mail -> Message Notification -> Notification Administration -> check Allow user to login Voicemail box
  • Voice Mail -> Message Notification -> Notification Administration -> check Attach message to outgoing email notification

  • Voice Mail -> Message Notification -> Subscriber Notification Management -> check users who wants to receive email and then click Enable Notification

  • Go into User Profile for each user -> Notification -> check Email Inbox
  • In User profile ‘Notification’ tab for Email Inbox enter the details as follows:-Input the users email address
    -Input a subject text for the email
    -Check box “Attach voice message to email notification messages.”
    -Change “Notification Preference” to “All Messages”
    -Set up the Notification schedule, these are the hours that e-mails will be sent.

  • Voicemail -> VM Configuration -> Outgoing Email From Address ->

If there are any issues after doing all then most of the time it is with the Exchange Server. To verify your CUE side of things are working fine you can download and run Post Cast SMTP Server for Windows to eliminate any CUE issues.

To check any problems at CUE, run the following traces:

no trace all
clear trace
trace voicemail msgnotif all
trace configapi smtp debug
trace entitymanager NotifDevice all
trace smtp all
sho trace buffer tail

Note: You cannot setup multiple email addresses for message notification from one user but you could send emails to a group or a mailer which would then broadcast to multiple email addresses. One workaround maybe to have one email address added as a Text Pager notification device


3 thoughts on “CUE Voicemail notification through Email

  1. We don’t have Exchange Server in LAN, We are using SMTP from Godady,
    I am having Some Difficulties, I need to configure Notification on my co. E-mail when i will get Voice mail on Cisco Ip Phone.

    Please anyone help me


  2. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you, However I
    am having troubles with your RSS. I don’t understand why I can’t subscribe to it.
    Is there anybody getting similar RSS problems? Anyone who knows the solution will
    you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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