Scenario#30 – Local Agent not Responding

Came across an interesting issue where Customer was not able to access Disaster Recovery drop downs.

I tried it myself and I was getting as follows:

So it was Local agent not responding – I tried restarting the Cisco DRF Master and Local but that didn’t help.

This is what I did to resolve the issue:

  • Log into Cisco Unified Communications Manager OS Administration page.
  • Went into Security > Certificate Management.
  • Do Find all
  • At the bottom there was – I clicked that and regenerated the file
  • Found all ipsec-trust certificates and deleted them
  • Then went into tomcat.pem and regenerated it as well
  • Restarted the Cisco TOMCAT service (from CLI) and Cisco DRF Master / Local and TFTP from GUI

It was all working fine after that.


6 thoughts on “Scenario#30 – Local Agent not Responding

  1. Hi

    Do i need to take new back up after doing the above process to restore the back up.
    Can u please tell me in brief. i want to push the back up from my prodcution server to test server.
    i am getting the same error as shown above. please suggest me to move further.

    Thanks and Regards

  2. Hi Pardhu, it would be good if you can do a fresh backup after making the above changes. Even though I believe your old backups will still good to restore but make a new backup before restore.

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