Scenario#28 – CUCM applying DST changes 1 week before needed (2010)

Today was a hectic day. I walked into my office and immediately started getting calls that phones have gone 1 hour behind. I was a bit surprised as Daylight Saving will be finishing here in UK on 31st October so how come phones gone behind a week earlier. I thought may be customer has got some messed up NTP settings. So, I started investigating it and found the NTP server is their gateway which is in synch with an external time source. Time on the gateway was correct. I did show system at Call manager and found the Call manager time was correct as well. As I was working on this issue I had a quick look at my desk phone (a 7960) and was taken by surprise. My phone was 1 hr behind as well. I walked to my manager’s desk and found his phone is showing correct time (7961). Immediately I came to conclusion that 1st/2nd generation phones are affected as 3rd Gen phones are java based and they don’t rely so much on Date/time group settings. As I was trying to sort out this issue I started getting more calls regarding this issue. In a span of 20 minutes I had eight customers with the same problem – 7940/7960/7912 phones have gone back an hour. I decided to do a quick fix and changed the TIMEZONE in Date/time group settings from Europe/London to CET (GMT+1). Reset the phones (7940s/7960s) and all started showing correct time. Remember, the 3rd generation phones were unaffected by this change.  The affected Call manager versions were 7.1.3 & 7.1.5. I raised a Cisco TAC case and it was quite amusing when she said that she already took some 10 calls since morning regarding same issue. One of the TAC engineer came back to me with the following solution:

Bug – CSCtj70240    CUCM applying DST changes 1 week before needed (2010)


Workaround #1:

Affected customers can choose to do nothing and wait for the time to automatically update.

Workaround #2:

Time of Day Routing
Adjust the time schedules behind one hour.

1. Choose System > Date / Time Group from CUCM Admin.
2. Create a new Date / Time group that is one hour ahead of local time.
3. Choose System > Device pool.
4. Create a New Device pool and assign the (one hour ahead Date time group) to this new device pool.
5. Assign the new device pool to the Cisco IP Phones that display the incorrect time.

Note: The CUCM time updates occur automatically (dates vary per timezone).
Change your Time of Day Routing and Device Pools back to the original Date / Time group accordingly.

Note: Just had a response from Cisco TAC that this bug will only affect systems in 2010. It will be fine next year.

Bug Fix:

Update from Cisco TAC: 26/10/2010 22:13

The following versions are affected:

* 7.1.3: all CM versions below 007.001(003.33031.001)

* 7.1.5: all CM versions below 007.001(005.12008.001)

* 8.0.2: all CM versions below 008.000 (002.41007.001 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              002.41007.001      end_of_the_skype_highlighting), 8.0.3 shouldn’t be affected.

Developers provided COP files with fixes for the 3 branches mentioned above:

* COP for 7.1.3 ->

* COP for 7.1.5 -> Can be found on already:

* COP for 8.0.2 ->

In case you decide to install COP files, please bear in mind the following suggestions when installing the COP files:

– Installation to all machines in the cluster is required

– As with any installation or upgrade, it is recommended that you apply this Update during off peak hours.

– When applying this Package be advised that a clusterwide reboot is required.

– It is also recommended that this update be installed on all  machines in the cluster before the cluster is rebooted.


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