Troubleshooting Ringback Issues H323

Before we dive into troublehsooting let’s keep the following in mind when an ISDN call progress. If A is making a call to B so A is calling party and B is called party. The ISDN messages negotiated between the two would be as follows: A —-> Setup —-> B B —-> Call Proceeding —->Continue reading “Troubleshooting Ringback Issues H323”

Scenario#10 – Phones showing Incorrect time

I don’t remember how many times I came across customers complaining that their phones are either x minutes ahead or x minutes behind the normal time. This is what I do whenever I come across time issues. This is for applicance based Call manager (5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x) Go to OS Admin > Settings >Continue reading “Scenario#10 – Phones showing Incorrect time”

Blocking Incoming Calls using Translation rule

How to block an incoming number on an H323 gateway? For an MGCP gateway this is not possible as CUCM cannot block incoming calls. Configure the following to block calls from 08009782222. Voice translation-rule 400 rule 1 reject /08009782222/ Voice translation-profile BLOCK translate calling 400 dialpeer voice 1 pots incoming called-number . call-block translation-profile incomingContinue reading “Blocking Incoming Calls using Translation rule”

H323 Dial Peer made simple

H323 dial peers play an important role in Call routing though a H323 gateway. Understanding dial peers is very crucial for Call routing or any dial plan design. Most of the time people are confused between POTS and VoIP dialpeers and how they should be used. I will try to make the concept as easyContinue reading “H323 Dial Peer made simple”

H323 Call Preservation

H323 gateway is a non-survivable endpoint. This means an active call will drop if any call manager goes down. This default behavior of an H323 gateway can be changed by playing with few settings at the CUCM and gateway. At gateway: voice service voip h323 call preserve At CUCM: Allow TCP Keepalive for H323  =Continue reading “H323 Call Preservation”