Scenario#41 – Mailbox in use

A customer reported an issue regarding a user where if she tried to listen to her voicemail messages she would get “Mailbox is in use”. This issue normally happens if any TUI session or VoiceView sessions are open in any other phones having access to that GDM or the ports have become stuck or busy. To resolve the issue, login to CLI of CUE module and issue this command: voicemail mailbox unlock owner Natasha OR voicemail mailbox unlock telephonenumber 6311   Advertisements Continue reading Scenario#41 – Mailbox in use

CUE Voicemail notification through Email

Integrated messaging on Cisco Unity Express is the convergence feature for voicemail and e-mail systems. It allows subscribers to have an integrated view of their e-mails and voice-mail messages from a single e-mail client using IMAP Version 4 rev1. To make emails sent through for any new voicemail we can use IMAP or SMTP. IMAP: IMAP is one way to send the voice mail, but you need to add it on each people’s outlook with an IMAP account.  CUE acts as the IMAP server.  By default, there should be an IMAP group that has integrated messing permissions.  Make sure your … Continue reading CUE Voicemail notification through Email

Cisco Unity Express Setup (CUE-CUCM)

Lets setup CUE for CUCM. It looks a strange setup but many customers use Unity express with their Call manager system instead of Unity connection. This typically suits small companies where the voicemail usage is not very high. At Call manager do the following: Create a CTI Route point – add the line with ext. 3220 which is the voicemail pilot Create CTI Ports which will be used for handling voicemail between Call manager and CUE (3221, 3222) Create a JTAPI user cuejtapi (or any name) from Application user and add CTI ports and CTI Route point under controlled Devices. … Continue reading Cisco Unity Express Setup (CUE-CUCM)

Cisco Unity Express Setup (CUE-CME)

Lets setup CUE on a CME router first and then I will show you in another post how we can integrate CUE with CUCM. CUE Integration with CME: telephony-service voicemail 3220 web admin system name admin password cisco dn-webedit time-webedit ip source-address port 2000 ! ip http server ip http authentication local no ip http secure-server ip http path flash:/GUI   <<< Very important ! ! ephone-dn  8 number 1998…. mwi on ! ! ephone-dn  9 number 1999…. mwi off ! ephone-dn-template  1 call-forward busy 3220 call-forward noan 3220 timeout 10 ! ephone-dn  1  octo-line number 3001 no-reg ephone-dn-template 1 … Continue reading Cisco Unity Express Setup (CUE-CME)