Scenario#37 – Phone display “Error Pass Limit”

A customer reported an issue with their 7941 phone. The issue was they plugged in a new 7941 all configured at Call manager and it was showing “Error pass Limit” as follows: This sort of error normally comes when you have one of the following conditions: Too many unassigned directory numbers in Call manager i.e. not assigned to any phone or any extension mobility profile No Extension assigned to the phone The Busy Trigger and maximum calls on the line are not correct (normally you configure max calls: 4 and busy trigger: 2) For this particular issue I found no … Continue reading Scenario#37 – Phone display “Error Pass Limit”

Logging Missed Calls Shared line

With the missed call logging for shared lines feature, the administrator can configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, or the phone user can configure Cisco Unified CM User Options, so Cisco Unified Communications Manager logs missed calls in the call history to a specified shared line appearance on a phone. This will only work if users who are sharing the number are logged in using Extension mobility. You can configure it here under extension number by going into each phone: If the box is checked, missed calls will be logged and if it is not checked then missed calls won’t … Continue reading Logging Missed Calls Shared line

Scenario#36 – RTMT Alert LSIESG_AlertIndication 500605B00177F4C0 BBU disabled

I was looking at some alerts for a customer when I found this in RTMT: At Thu Mar 01 04:42:41 CET 2012 on node, the following HardwareFailure events generated: hwStringMatch : Mar  1 04:42:10 AKDEUC00 daemon 4 Director Agent: LSIESG_AlertIndication 500605B0024A5360 BBU disabled; changing WB virtual disks to WT Sev: 3. AppID : Cisco Syslog Agent ClusterID : NodeID : AKDEUC00 TimeStamp : Thu Mar 01 04:42:10 CET 2012 If you are concerned about this error then don’t be. This is a cosmetic error and documented in Bug id CSCti17353 .  Bug Details “IBM Servers battery learn cycle negatively … Continue reading Scenario#36 – RTMT Alert LSIESG_AlertIndication 500605B00177F4C0 BBU disabled